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We are a team of software engineers that provides professional websites to brands and businesses of all sorts and sizes. Web Dev Masters started small and we still like to keep things close to home but since then, we’ve grown both in experience and networks. The one thing that hasn’t changed since the beginning is our motivation and dedication to this industry.

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Web Dev Masters was conceived in 2015 by three college students. What started off as an experiment, has ended up sticking around for nearly a decade now. We can safely state that we’ve learned everything from experience and numerous failures. But once we had found the right track, WDM never looked back anymore. Having been able to serve various fields with various kinds of softwares and websites, we now continue to seek new opportunities so we can keep on growing. Whether it’s learning to incorporate new tech into our websites or venturing into undiscovered territory by expanding our network, we don’t shy away from new experiences.


Our Commitment

WDM’s first commitment is to the customers. We try our utmost to grasp the idea and vision that our customers want to see. A website is a platform for you to showcase everything your brand or business stands for. We want your motivations to show in the best of lights. For that, our first step is establishing a clear and effective communication channel with our customers. Understanding them and being on the same page as our clients is crucial to Web Dev Master’s success. 

Loyal To The Process

Next up is our loyalty to the industry as well as the process of web design. Throughout our years of web designing, we’ve been witnessing the evolution that every new invention and discovery has brought into the web industry. It is easy to find loopholes in even the best of works, but we want to stay true to our roots. That’s why we stick to industry best practices and make sure no step in our web design compromises the integrity of the process. 


Transparent Process

If there is an inadequacy in their requirements, or something that falls outside of the standards of web designing, Web Dev Masters won’t hesitate to let them know. At the end of the day, transparency matters to us and we want you to always be in the know.

WDM Services

Web Dev Masters are keen on the details and we try to optimise every aspect of your website. We know exactly how to make unique websites that don’t get buried in the competitive web landscape. With our long years of understanding user preferences, we craft user-centric designs that won’t let them bounce. Some of the services we offer at WDM are:


The Design Stage

Understanding the visual aspect of a website is crucial to us. WDM’s UI/UX designers work on creating practical designs. Considering the nature and style of your brand is important for us. With that understanding, we dive into the SRS and create wireframes and mockups until we finally find the right one for you. Your take on the final design is highly valued, because at the end of the day, the website is created to be YOUR place to shine.

The Development Stage

Development is about the core structure of your website. Web Dev Masters considers your functional and nonfunctional requirements, based on which further development processes are finalized. Another important decision is the selection of tech stacks. WDM developers choose the tech stack while keeping your system load requirements in mind. Our development processes are centered around the size, speed, complexity, performance, flexibility, and scalability of the website. This list isn’t an exhaustive one, because depending on several other factors, such as the APIs you’ll be needing, WDM might need to make necessary changes in the architecture and therefore, the whole development process of your website.

The Deployment Stage

Once the design and development have been seen to their completion, WDM deploys your website. Naturally, deployment does not occur until our QA testers wave the green flag. Testing itself is very thorough and we try our best to put every single aspect of the website under the radar. Of course, even with our intensive testing approaches, we can’t be sure whether the website won’t fail at some point. But that’s where our monitoring and support team comes in.

The Support Stage

From the date of deployment of the website, Web Dev Masters monitors it for any issues. If any problem is encountered at any stage, we quickly root it out. Support period is free for three months, during which we tweak whatever needs to be further optimised. When WDM leaves your website to you, you can be sure that it will be in the best of health. Moreover, Web Dev Masters doesn’t just abandon you at the end of the support period. We’ll make sure you understand the architecture enough that you can take charge of the website without getting into any trouble.

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Custom web development services are built to provide you with your very own website, exactly as you want it. It can include your brand, logo, what you do, your service or product, etc. You simply need to bring in your idea. Design and development are all handled by the website development services.

Web development services can include modifying an existing website, creating one from scratch, resolving some issues, doing maintenance, etc. Web development services also design and deliver websites as required by the clients.

There isn’t any tech stack that can be implemented for every website. Your custom web developing services will choose one based on the architecture of your software. Tech stacks that allow for both static and dynamic component configurations are usually the best option.

The cost of website development services can vary depending on the size of your website or your particular requirement. It also depends on your custom web design services. The cost can be anywhere between £1000 and £10,000. If your design is very complex or lengthy, it might cost even more. The price is essentially determined by the web design agency after evaluating your problem.