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If you want to launch your brand name into the web space, you’ll need a compelling website to do that. We are a Devon web development agency and we believe we can help you.

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WDM Devon Web Designers

Launching a website is a big step for every business. If you’ve been looking for a suitable web developer in Devon, you may have realised by now that quality isn’t the only factor that needs to be considered before you hire someone. 

In fact, if you want things to be kept to a budget, going to a big agency for web development in Devon isn’t a very good idea. At the same time, a website is a platform that not only reflects your brand but also acts as a face for new customers. A good website can be the pivot that leads to marketing success if done right. 

WDM web development agency is one such service that will be of use to you. We are an experienced team of software engineers who’ve been serving in this industry since 2015. Since then, we’ve been able to expand our network and work with many people. Our web developers in Devon have had the chance to provide designs to brands hailing from fields like health, e-commerce, revenue and sales, filmmaking, and more.

So you can rest assured and leave your online presence to be taken care of by our expert team of web developer in Devon. With our experience and understanding of user preferences, we’ll make you never have anything to complain about our process of web development in Devon.

Web Dev Master Values

How our Devon Web Designers do things

We strongly believe that a clear communication channel between our web developer in Devon and the clients is crucial to producing good results. We clearly convey our process of web development in Devon to our clients so they’re always in the know and up to date about the progress.

Another thing that WDM web development agency considers inflexible is producing unique codes for every website. By making sure that the codes written by our web developer in Devon are new and unique to the requirements of a specific design, we make sure you don’t end up with an ubiquitous design.   

Some other things that our process of web development in Devon entails are:

1. Cutting Edge Solutions

WDM web developer in Devon relies on the latest tech such as PWAs to improve the speed of your websites, and Motion UI design to increase interaction for users, while making sure they have a seamless experience.

3. Modular Approach

Our web developers in Devon take a modular approach that ensures that every single element of your website is scalable and flexible. By using a microservices architecture, we create a very maintainable design.

2. Responsive Web Designs

We take a mobile-first approach during our process of web development in Devon. We rely on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) that reduces loading time on mobile by miles and improves navigation experience for users.

4. Multiple Tech Stacks

Depending on the size and complexity of the web design as well as required speed, performance and functions, our Devon web designers will decide on a tech stack option including MERN, Node.js, Typescript, Next.js, React, React Native, Laravel, and LiveWire.

5. Improved Performance

To maximise OEE, we employ tools such as SPAs that reduce loading time of the page and provide fluid transitions. Our Devon web development agency ensures that the system load requirements are well met.  

7. Following Industry Best Practices

Our Devon web designers follow all industry best practices while strictly adhering to international codes of ethics such as HTML living standard, and standards set forth by W3C, ECMA, and ISO. 

6. Affordable Web Designs

Our Devon web development team doesn’t rely on mere numbers to provide efficient designs. We try to keep our services inexpensive while making sure that our quality is never compromised.

8. Privacy and Security

To make sure your privacy is never compromised, during web development in Devon, we stick to all privacy and security rights as specified by ISO/IEC 27032. And we also follow Google’s third-party policy while exposing third-party APIs. 

9. Cross-Browser Compatibility

To make sure your website renders smoothly on every browser and in have fault tolerance, our web developers in Devon use approaches like progressive enhancement, gradual degradation, and trial and error method.

10. Enabling You

We want you to take control of your website so you can maintain and manage it in the future all by yourself. Our web designs can be tweaked easily by using simple and easy-to-use CMS platforms such as WordPress.

“Empower businesses worldwide through innovative IT solutions and exceptional services”: Web Dev Master’s Mission

Our Devon web designers keep this mission in mind every step of the way. We know what impact you’ll have on the market through our web development in Devon, so we make sure we use the best strategies that can make your website stand out even in the competitive web universe of UK.

We provide services all across Devon, including Exeter, Plymouth, and Torquay.

If you still have some reservations, contact our web developer in Devon to get a free web design quote today!

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

If you are concerned that getting a web developer in Devon might not be for you, whether because you are a startup or a very localised business, you may be missing out on an important marketing chance. Regardless of your location, getting a website is always a good idea for any business. 

If you’re hiring an agency for web development in Devon, you should leave this decision to the agency. Usually, a tech stack that allows for both static and dynamic configurations is a good option. It largely depends on your requirements though, so your web developer in Devon would be the best person to guide you about it.

It depends on who you got to. Your web developer in Devon might charge you anywhere between £1000 and £10,000.  The price is essentially determined by the web design agency after evaluating your requirements.